Knot (2012)

Durata: 40’
Category: Music and architecture

Petra Gipp, architect, and Kim Hedås, composer, were in 2012 represented at the 13th International Architecture Exhibition in Venice with two new works: Part and Knot. Knot was exhibited at the Nordic Pavilion, where 32 Nordic architects were invited to the exhibition ”Light Houses”.

The works have also been shown at exhibitions in Helsinki at the Museum of Finnish Architecture, in Stockholm at Färgfabriken and at Arkitektur- och designcentrum and in Acousticum in Piteå.

Knot explores the reciprocity between the sound of a double choir and architecture arising from the interaction between a part cast in concrete and the other one cast in bronze, between the plan and the section which forms its counterpart. As they meet, a knot of void and matter emerges which frames the light from outside and allows it to play its way inwards together with the music.

Knot  was originally composed for the project Skikt  – architecture and music. The music is created as an electro acoustic piece, played in a loop.

The project Skikt is made possible by support from the Music Development and Heritage Sweden, the Swedish Arts Council and the Swedish Arts Grants Committee.