Dense (2017)

Durata: 12’
Category: Electroacoustic music

Dense (2017) 12’– eight-channel electroacoustic work, composed by Kim Hedås in the studio 2 at EMS (Elektronmusikstudion), Stockholm, Sweden.

The music of Dense is based on ideas of spatiality in relation to time. Spatial and temporal changes in the music's movements provide a continuously changing polyphony. Imaginary sites, rooms, positions and directions is in Dense the basis of the music. Perforations, holes and voids from the sound material are superimposed,  while structures with varying degrees of density are created. Music's density becomes alternately denser packed or airier. In Dense, the imaginary room is darker and lacks the bottom, the room draws the music down slowly – sinks deeper towards the darkness.

Dense is twelve minutes long and for eight speakers. The piece is available also in a stereo version. First performance was made at Klangkupolen, Royal College of Music in Stockholm 21 of March 2017, using 29.4 loudspeakers in a surround system.

Dense (2017) 12’ – electroacoustic music, eight channels