Illusion (2011)

Durata: 30’
Category: Music and architecture

Refugium/Illusion  is permanently shown at the Kivik Art Centre.

The entire form of Refugium  is gathered around a nave made out of massive wood; between wood and concrete, a passage and an inner space are spun. As a staircase carves its way through the volume, it binds the structure even more tightly together, while it connects to the ground. The ceiling of the introvert room opens up from the wall to reveal a thin slice of the sky, a cut through where light trickles down. The boundary between what is inside and what is outside is erased.

Illusion is a music installation, where the sound from six loudspeakers plays with the concepts of space and time. The perspectives shift constantly, and contrasting sounds are woven into a large, polyphonic structure. The natural sounds on site change through the musical shadings, and create a floating shape that gradually changes the listening experience. The music of Illusion will be experienced differently depending on when you start listening, where you are and how you navigate through the work.

Skikt is an artistic project, focusing on architecture and music, formed by architect Petra Gipp and composer Kim Hedås in 2011. The collaboration between the two artists has resulted in several new works, both temporary installations and permanent works. Project Skikt (in English: Stratum) explores how architecture/art and music/sound may gain widened dimensions as more layers are included in the totality. Skikt is an artistic investigation which intend to explore how architecture/art and music/sound may be broadened as more layers are
added to the whole. Sound and structure interact to create new sequences which together build a polyphonically shifting piece. The architecture is defined through the material and its relationship to the music which in turn is reinforced by the space. The works in Skikt inquire whether these layers can enhance the understanding of an architectural work and a musical work respectively, whether their reciprocity can reinforce each individual piece.

Illusion (2011) electroacoustic work 30'