Stills (2020)

Durata: 9’
Category: Chamber music

Stills (2020) for bass clarinet, electronics in four channels and visuals, 9’

Moving images, moments where the flow stops.The music in Stills originates from rhythmical transformations and harmonic shatterings, combined in various patterns to make a series of different tempi audible by stretching and distorting the time. Stills is performed by Swedish clarinetist Robert Ek, and exist in different formats: as a concert piece with the bass clarinet, the electronics and the visuals in a spatialized multichannel setup, and also as a filmed version in stereo.

Stills is part of a series o chamber music works, based on changing time patterns. Other works in the series are Trice for piano, double bass and percussion, Rounds for solo flute, Lineages for organ and electronics, Mimionimas for string quartet and Signs for solo bassoon. This ongoing  composition project with music for acoustic instruments, sometimes solo or in smaller ensembles, often combined with electronics, was initiated in 2015 and continues with new works.

Link to a recorded version from Geiger festival, April 2021:

First performance December 13th 2020 at the festival inSonic 2020: Syntheses at ZKM in Karlsruhe, Germany. Robert Ek, bass clarinet, recorded the work at Acusticum in Piteå.

Link to the festival:

Link to a concert in Klangkupolen at KMH, April 26th 2021:

Stills (2020) 9'00''